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A tourist in my own city: Part I, Tir Na Nog

We started prepping for our fun weekend by taking a friend out for a belated birthday dinner and of course, for his drink of choice, margaritas (@ El Rodeo, though Dos Taquitos has undeniably better margaritas and will be reviewed here soon). Our waiter waved Adios as we headed over to Big Boss’s Tavern for a taste of their greatly missed, recently re-released Tavern Ale.

Then a chance to meet up with an old buddy lead us to Tir Na Nog, an old standby since I moved to Raleigh in 2001. This Irish bar and restaurant is practically always open, it’s dependable and that goes a long way. The bar itself is positioned in the middle of the main room, a O-shaped sturdy bar offering some fantastic beers.

Beers you can depend on like Guinness and Smithwicks, from strong breweries like Foothills, Big Boss and Highland. Not to mention, whiskey that goes on forever. The Nog is also on the pulse featuring new beers from new breweries and popular liquors and cocktails. The cuisine is fully Irish and damn tasty.

Play darts and converse with veteran bartenders any night of the week, there’s Irish music all weekend or hit up…

Tuesday, $3 for all US pints. Enough said.

Thursday, local music and local beer specials. The bands are hit or miss but carried by choice pints from a stellar list of available NC beers. And did I say darts?

Windows line the walls on either side of a twin set of double doors near the hostess stand offering a view of Moore Square park and Blount Street. Outside, ample seating allows you to wander off for a quick respite where you can people watch or catch the new R line buses and rickshaws transporting people to and from.

But Tir Na Nog is really for people who like people. A variety of ages and types are attracted to this place so stick out er jolly hand and say hello to the bloke next to ya. Being located at 218 South Blount Street is great for meeting people too if you feel like a stroll next door to The Pour House, bar and music hall, or up the street to Hargett where some of the best bars around gather.

5 Responses to “A tourist in my own city: Part I, Tir Na Nog”

  1. Price

    Also, the waitresses are pretty much all hot. This is a huge plus, if you’re into that sort of thing.

  2. J

    The great thing about this bar is that every Thursday WKNC 88.1 puts on their weekly concert “Local Beer Local Band.” Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill has an amazing music scene and it’s great to finally expose it for free!

    • Downtown Dame

      @J – All of my local-music-lover friends tell me the scene is awesome, I don’t know it well myself but it’s important to have this draw to the area!


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